• CMake Unity Integration

    In this tutorial I will demonstrate practical CMake Unity integration. A sample test will be configured using CMake, thus showing you how easy it can be to prepare unit-tests to be run in a continuous integration infrastructure.

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  • How to read a paper

    In this post, I want to present one of the papers that helped me the most during my (rather short) career in scientific research. It introduces the novice researcher to reading scientific papers in a time efficient manner. The title of an article or a paper could whet your appetite to read the whole thing or it could also make it look relevant for the topic you are interested in.

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  • I have moved to a jekyll based blog

    I have decided to give up my wordpress based blog in favour of a jekyll based system. The reasons for that step are manifold:

    • security,
    • only static content has to be hosted,
    • design principles of the blogging software, and
    • version control.

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