I have decided to give up my wordpress based blog in favour of a jekyll based system. The reasons for that step are manifold:

  • security,
  • only static content has to be hosted,
  • design principles of the blogging software, and
  • version control.

With wordpress I had the feeling that I had spent more time on keeping my system up to date than on writing articles. The many vulnerabilities found so far in wordpress have made me cautious and trying to keep my system up to date as much as possible.

This is were a static site generator like jekyll comes in handy. All content is rendered offline and for editing I can use my favourite text-editor neovim. Furthermore, I prefer to have the application logic separated from the “view”-code. A quick review of the wordpress source code left me confused. I didn’t expect to find a mixture of html tags and <?php ... ?> tags. No template engine or something similar is being used. However, it seems that the solution is ok for a huge user base.

I also like the fact, that I can use my favourite version control system git to manage my site and blog posts. Using some scripting magic it should be possible to automatize the publishing process for new posts. More on that, when things are in place!

Hopefully, I will be able to blog on a more regular basis in the near future.