I am an information engineer from St. Poelten, Lower Austria. Exploring the world and finally understanding how things work are important things in my life. I love to learn.

Me, myself, and I

My interests lie in software development, building and hacking things, making music, travelling, and doing endurance sports. Especially combining these different areas of interest have always fascinated me. Be it building bicycles or trailers, writing software to ease different tasks of my daily life or learning new skills typically performed by professional craftsman (e. g. welding) – that’s what makes my life so exciting.

At the moment I am employed as an embedded software engineer at logi.cals GmbH. There we are working on an Eclipse based engineering environment (logi.CAD3) and a runtime system (logi.RTS) that is capable of running on myriads of different devices and platforms: from microcontroller to multi-core IPC. I am involved in maintaining the overall architecture of our runtime system, its build system and its integration into our continuous integration environment. As the requirements for software in the automation field are comparably high (regarding reliability, real-time capabilities, memory consumption, compatibility, etc.) this is a quite challenging but diverse and rewarding task. I am proud and thankful to be part of such a highly motivated and skilled team!

Before that I worked as a researcher at St. Poelten University of Applied Sciences. I used to write articles and to give lectures in digital forensics, software engineering, computer networks, and digital rights management. I still like to teach.